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An Innovative Network Solutions Integrator in the Philippines. RNI develops solutions that provide internet connectivity in even the most remote areas.


RAYnetworks, Inc. is the IT systems integrator for SMEs, of SMEs and by SMEs. Virtually any business of real consequence needs to get the most out of today's available IT solutions, not to get ahead, but simply to keep from falling behind. The problem is that information technology is advancing so quickly that most people don't really know what the best solutions are at any given time. What's more, most well known IT products and solution providers are far from cost effective.

Products Services

- Data Center Solutions (Remote Monitoring)
- Network Security Solution (Firewall, VPN & Anti Virus)
- Enterprise and WiSP Provider Network Solution
- Remote Hotel/Resort Indoor/ Outdoor Wireless
- IP PBX - VOIP - GSM Gateway
- Solar Power over Ethernet (PoE Solar Solutions)

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